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We'll crowdfund, build and run your business

Build and run your business

Fund & Trade Startups using Bitcoin!

  • Realtime free-market trading, with low fees.

  • Voting powers & dividend paying positions.

  • Buy/sell positions in projects before they're even built.

  • Take delivery of your equity at any time.

Business idea

Start a business free!

We've removed all barriers to entry for entrepreneurs

Retain complete control.
We only require a 3% stake. The rest is up to you!
No paperwork. No work!
We follow your instructions, to do everything for you!
Write down the broad strokes of your idea.
Our crowd will brainstorm the details with you.
Get paid to brainstorm
Get paid to brainstorm
Brainstorm new business ideas to receive a free, dividend paying, tradable position in that business.
Early Bird Incentives
Early Bird Incentives
Our funding format creates a repeating and predictable profit opportunity, with every project!
Lifelong Referral Commission
Lifelong Referral Commission
We reward users with up to 10% commissions for finding new project funding.
Complete Business Solutions
Complete Business Solutions
We deliver your business to your specifications. And we run it to your rules.
Banana Fund Banana Fund is a startup incubator and trading platform. Submit ideas for the crowd to fund, and control, whilst Banana Fund does all the work.

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