Privacy Policy

Effective Date: January 7th, 2017

Banana Fund operates to a policy of complete transparency; privacy is not exactly what we stand for! However, this is how we collect and use your information;

We use cookies to know whether you're logged in or not, and to remember your language preferences. We don't track you off-site.

We collect your IP address, basic device, and browser data when you perform various actions on our website, for security and optimization purposes.

Any 'Know Your Customer' contact information, including document scans / proofs, are kept as private as we're able to do so. Hacking is always a danger! But we don't willingly publish, or sell your information to anyone.

Your password is stored in an encrypted state that we cannot see, or recover for you. We can only set you a new password.

Your email address is used only to recover your login information in the event that you forget it. We don't spam. Or send newsletters, or anything like that.

Facebook and Google social logins provide us only with the information stated when you agree to their terms.

We use 'Google Analytics' , 'Cloud Flare' and 'OVH' to monitor our website traffic.

Choose a non-identifying nickname to maintain some element of privacy on our forums, and on your account profile.

In terms of your actual usage of our website; we offer no privacy! Everything your account does is recorded and presented in your public profile stats and logs; viewable by all members. The only information that isn't displayed publicly, is your contact information, unless you specifically opt-in to show that for self-promotional purposes.

Contact support if you wish to delete your account. Accounts without financial activity can be deleted right away. We are legally obliged however to retain all financial records for a minimum of 6years.

We only comply with court orders where we legally are forced to do so.